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Machine Learning Certificate


 About the course  

The Machine Learning Certificate consists of a series of courses that cover the theoretical foundations and the techniques most frequently used in practical artificial intelligence systems.

Our courses are designed to give you a theoretical basis that will give you a broad understanding of how machine learning systems work, while simultaneously equipping you with a set of practical tools that will allow you to apply it professionally.



-This series of courses will offer you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of machine learning and specializations in specific areas of applications.
-The “Fundamentals of Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning” courses serve as an introduction to the basic core of the program and should be taken by all students.
-The “Unsupervised Machine Learning” and “Natural Language Processing” courses can be taken after “Fundamentals of Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning” are completed.
-"Reinforcement Learning” and “Image Generation and Classification” can be taken after “Unsupervised Machine Learning” is completed.
-All courses must be completed in order to obtain the Machine Learning Certificate. Each course awards an individual certificate and continuing education units (CEU).

This course is aimed at professionals and students in technical fields who aspire to become cybersecurity professionals. These participants can identify with profiles 2 and 3 (university and technical) of the 2-3-1-20-5 convocation.

-All participants be proficient in English, and have obtained a grade of at least A2 on the free test https://www.examenglish.com/leveltest/index.php

-Python programming

-Linear algebra

-Laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM

Some courses may have additional requirements.


-The courses will consist of four online meetings, 3 hours each. During each session, the instructor will make demonstrations and the students will perform short practices. All students must have their own computer with the required programs. 
-Classes will be taught online through Zoom for Education or MS Teams. Attendance is mandatory.

-Class size will range from 20 to 40 students. Meetings will be held on Wednesday afternoons. Details are available in the syllabus for each class.

-All courses are taught by Dr. Juan Carlos Rojas.


 Machine Learning Certificate
The following 5 online courses make up the certificate





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