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Cybersecurity with Texas Tech Coding Academy



June 2021


 About this course 


This course aims to make participants proficient in the basics of cybersecurity. Participants will learn cybersecurity basics and leave prepared for the CompTIA Security+ certification test. The purpose of this track is to provide a flexible education for students of computer science or not technical professionals to begin at the ground floor of cybersecurity. The courses should build upon one another, yet allow advanced students to start in a more advanced course. The objective of this is to provide effective performance-based education to our students aspiring to learn cybersecurity.

This course is designed for professionals and students in technical fields who want to become cybersecurity professionals. These participants can identify with profiles 2 and 3 (university and technical) of the 2-3-1-20-5 convocation.
Participants need to be computer literate and have a laptop. Previous programming experience is not necessary, but helpful. Participants need to understand and speak English, and have a grade of at least A2 in the free test https://www.examenglish.com/leveltest/index.php
The course will be taught online through Zoom for Education or MS Teams. It consists of 10 meetings, 4 hours each. Classes will be held through the weekdays from 1 PM to 5 PM.


 Method of instruction 

Classes will be a mix of presentations to convey concepts, working through examples, and individual exercises for the participants. In addition to in-class exercises, participants are expected to complete all due homework. All instruction and materials will be in English. The teacher of this course is Mr. John Woo.


Attendance is mandatory and any student who does not attend at least 90% of the meetings will fail the course automatically. Participants will be assessed based on the participant’s in-class work (30%) and projects (70%).

 Course Materials 


The software used in this class are free for personal use.


Class Schedule & Syllabus



Chief of Technology Officer at Zollege/ Austin Coding Academy, Austin Texas

Kevin Colten has a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Lamar University and is certified in Web development from the App Academy.

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