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Welcome to Texas Tech University-Costa Rica!

Are you active in community service?

Do you contribute as a member of a recognized organization?

Have you developed a noteworthy talent?

Or maybe you have demonstrated outstanding academic performance?

If one of these sounds like you, you are a potential candidate for the merit-based scholarship.

Merit-based scholarships are for undergraduates who demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, or another outstanding talent.

The merit-based scholarship covers up to $6000 in tuition costs per year and can be renewed annually for up to four years, as long as you remain eligible.

Please read ahead and take a careful look at initial eligibility requirements.

Then fill out the registration form to start your application process.


Contact the Texas Tech-CR recruitment team. They will help you create an account and complete your Texas Tech application.

Get started!


Complete the application form by sharing your essays and other materials here.

Application Form


All letters of support must be sent directly from the recommender to luciana.mendiola@ttu.edu with the following subject line: LR: (Student’s full name).

At least one of the letters should be from a current instructor.


Initial Eligibility


- Submit application to Texas Tech University-CR.
- Cumulative high school or college GPA of 3.4 or greater.
- Score a minimum of 530 on the Math SAT and 480 on the Reading SAT OR pass the TSI assessment.
- Take at least 12 credits per Fall or Spring semester at Texas Tech-CR. Some exceptions may apply.

Continued Eligibility

- Maintain full-time enrollment in the Texas Tech-CR academic program and accumulate at least 12 credits per Fall or Spring semester.
- Maintain a GPA of 3.4 or better.
-  Be an active member of the Texas Tech-CR community and share your talents to encourage student activity.
Merit Scholarship
Students who fail to make academic progress towards their degrees may have their scholarship suspended. Lack of progress entails failing below the college's acceptable GPA, deviating from the required class sequence, under-enrollment, retaking or dropping too many classes, and/or excessive class absences.
Students who are not enrolled and attending class by the first week of the semester risk the suspension of their scholarship.
Students with a lower cumulative GPA than the one required by their scholarship will be placed on Scholarship Probation during the next semester. If by the end of the semester on Scholarship Probation your cumulative GPA remains lower than your scholarship's requirement, your scholarship may be suspended.
Students admitted to Explore Business, Explore STEM, or undeclared must declare a major after their second semester, be it Fall or Spring. Failure to declare a major might result in the suspension of their scholarship at Texas Tech-CR.
 Scholarships are applied towards course credits, and do not cover the cost of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) course, book costs, the Student Services fees or the mandatory cost of insurance.

Scholarship applications are approved on a rolling basis.

There is still time to start your application!

Once you submit your documents, the Scholarship Committee will review them.

They may also ask you for a personal interview.

 Any questions? Contact luciana.mendiola@ttu.edu