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Here at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica, we value students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and possess exceptional talent and leadership skills. We believe these remarkable students can help our Red Raider community grow and thrive.

Texas Tech University-Costa Rica is preparing its students for the global economy by incorporating in-class and hands-on learning experiences that will allow its students to become familiar with key subjects these areas are searching for.

We offer a range of scholarships but are now able to grant additional scholarships geared toward two specific majors: RHIM and Computer Science. These areas of study are in high-demand and offer exciting career prospects. If you believe that you meet the criteria, the following scholarships might be a great match for you. These scholarships cover $6000 of total tuition costs for four years.

*These scholarships will only apply to incoming students.

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Scholarship applications are approved on a rolling basis.

There is still time to start your application!


Once you submit your documents, the Scholarship Committee will review them.

The committee may also ask you for a personal interview.

Questions? Contact luciana.mendiola@ttu.edu