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Are you ready to Stand Out?

Texas Tech-Costa Rica educates students through hands-on learning and leadership experiences that prepare graduates for an exciting future. Become a member of our TTU-CR family and develop technical knowledge with strong leadership, creative thinking and great communication skills and lead your way to the future!


Watch the following video to learn more about how students at Texas Tech-Costa Rica learn valuable soft skills and put them into practice in their personal and professional lives.

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Here at Texas Tech-Costa Rica, we encourage our students to learn soft skills, and therefore invite you to learn more about how they will enhance your professional career. Read ahead and learn all of the ways that you can become an inclusive leader, a creative thinker, and a global communicator. 

Lead the Way to the Future

Inspire your peers to become better versions of themselves, to grow, and to deliver their best work even when facing difficult challenges. Being a leader means making sure every member of your team succeeds in their own way, making glory an achievement earned through teamwork rather than individualism. Learn how to become an inclusive leader through managing team projects, getting involved in student organizations, and having real life work experience through our Work & Study program. 


Learn to Think Outside the Box

Innovate for the future by thinking outside the box! Stepping out of the ordinary means opening the doors to unlimited possibilities and setting out to make groundbreaking discoveries. Creativity is the pathway toward innovation, so don’t be afraid of the unknown and use your creative thinking skills to discover tomorrow’s solutions.  

Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is key to every social connection we cultivate throughout our lives, be it professional or personal. Becoming a global communicator will enhance your ability to develop stronger relationships with your peers by demonstrating, not only eloquence, but also confidence and character. Build and inspire success through human connections and lead the way to the future through open dialogue.   

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Gabriela Echandi, Student Services Manager, explains how students at Texas Tech-Costa Rica learn and develop the necessary soft skills during college to succeed in their professional careers.  



Soft Skills in Academics

As you can see, soft skills are important for many reasons, from developing leadership skills to forming student organizations, to strengthening communication skills to building relationships with industry leaders. If you're interested in learning more about how to get a more holistic and well-rounded education, we encourage you to visit our web page for more information.


Watch past webinars and learn more 

Learn the importance of soft skills from professionals in the industry

Ernesto Neves, Change Manager of GSK, tells us how soft skills such as creativity, proactivity and adaptability, have positively impacted his work over the years

María del Mar Munguía, GAN Coordinator, tells us about the importance of assertive communication in a global company.

Melanie Mayo, Microsoft, says soft skills are vital to establish a healthy work place. 

If you have any further questions or are interested on learning more about the importance of soft skills in the education industry, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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